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Screenpod Dust Cannons

UK Brand Screenpod small Triton 20 Dust Cannons in New Zealand
Screenpod dust cannon working on supressing dust at a yard recycling scrap metal
Screenpod Dust Cannons in a row available in New Zealand

Crush & Screen are the exclusively appointed New Zealand sales agent for the UK's Screenpod Design & Manufacturing dust suppression units.

Screenpod Dust Cannons are designed for effective dust control and will help minimise dust, reduce health risks  and improve air quality and visibility on site.

How it works:
Water is pressurised through jet nozzles transforming the water into a fine mist.  A fan within the cowling then generates airflow to disperse the mist. The mist latches onto airborne dust particles and suppresses the dust.

• Robust chassis – all components hot dip galvanised or zinc plated
• Electric tilt and automatic main valve
• Automatic swing operation to disperse mist over a large area
• Low Power consumption
• Adjustable water flow to suit application requirements
• Droplet size between 10-150 microns
• Telescopic option to cover a larger surface area by raising the dust cannon head up to 6.5m

Screenpod Dust Cannons

Crush and Screen are the exclusive New Zealand agents for the Screenpod Design & Manufacturing range of dust suppression equipment. 

We stock the brand new Screenpod Triton 20 for smaller sites, along with the S-Series range:

  • S45 Dust Cannon
  • S45 Telescopic Dust Cannon
  • S85 Dust Cannon

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