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Screenpod Dust Cannons

UK Brand Screenpod small Triton 20 Dust Cannons in New Zealand
Screenpod dust cannon working on supressing dust at a yard recycling scrap metal
Screenpod Dust Cannons in a row available in New Zealand

Crush & Screen are the exclusive New Zealand supplier of UK brand 'Screenpod' dust suppression water cannons

Screenpod Dust Cannons are designed for effective dust suppression over large worksite areas or specific discharge points, and the smaller Triton|20 can even be used in indoor areas. 
They will help minimise airborne dust, reduce fugitive dust escaping from your worksite into neighbouring areas, reduce worker health risks, and improve air quality and visibility on site.

• Strong robust frame
• Electric tilt and automatic main valve
• Automatic swing operation (25° to 350°) to disperse mist over a large area
• Low Power consumption
• Adjustable water flow to suit application requirements
• Pump run dry protection
• Droplet size between 10-150 micron (mean 70 micron)
• S-45 and Triton|20 come with radio remote control
• Triton|20 supplied mounted on trailer with generator setup
• S-45 supplied stand-alone, or optionally mounted on trailer with generator setup

How Screenpod Dust Cannons work

Water supplied to the dust cannon is pressurised through the jet nozzles transforming the water supply into an atomised fine mist.  A fan within the cowling generates a strong airflow which disperses the mist tens of metres into the air creating a 'filtering curtain'.  Our S-45 dust cannon for instance will disperse this mist 45-50 metres out in calm conditions.

The water droplets in this atomised mist are very tiny, ranging between 10 - 150 micron, and have a much-reduced water surface tension.  This allows the mist droplets to attract and latch onto the much smaller dust particles that tend to float and drops them to the ground.  A Screenpod Dust Cannon effectively suppresses this airborne dust and helps prevent it from straying beyond your worksite.  

By comparison, water droplets from a sprinkler or hose are simply too big.  They have too much surface tension to capture these small floating dust particles.  These airborne dust particles simply ‘bounce’ off the big water droplets and carry on floating in the air.

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Screenpod Dust Cannons

Crush and Screen are the exclusive New Zealand agents for the Screenpod Design & Manufacturing range of dust suppression cannons. 

We stock the:

S-Series S-45 cannon with a 45-metre mist throw,
and the smaller Triton|20  for smaller areas, specific discharge points, or using for indoor (commercial) operations.

Supplied stand-alone or optionally mounted on trailer with generator setup.

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